My special gift is knowing how to guide my clients to get fast results and manifest peace of mind in the process

As a woman of faith, when I stopped trying to know enough, be enough, and do enough, it led me on a journey that transformed me and I began to find the peace and success I had been looking for. It all started with shutting out the noise and plugging into my own heart about what felt right for me; following that path to the exclusion of the many "You have to do it this way..." voices in my world.

There are absolutely systems and processes we can utilize for success, and I do use them in working with my clients. However, I prefer to focus on what's right for you, as an individual, because that's when it all changes and you begin to thrive. That's a personal journey for each one of us.

That's why I offer Courses, Programs and Coaching, to help you step into all you can be in life and business. Take a look around and see what can best serve you at this time and let me know.

Being an active student of Life, Business, and Spiritual Principles, I help my clients get the results they’ve been looking for. By breaking down the barriers keeping them stuck I quickly get them out of struggle; creating the good things they've been wanting to have in their life and didn't know how. With guidance and support it doesn't have to take long at all!

"Commit your way to the Lord and your plans will be established," (Proverbs 16:3) is one of my favorite scriptures. It reminds me it all starts with just being open and asking for Guidance and then taking one step at a time.

Are you ready to move your life into a place of joy, fulfillment, and abundance? It’s very possible and it’s available for you right now ~

Podcast Interview

Are you stuck in Decision Paralysis? Always second-guessing yourself after you made a decision? Worried you’re making the ‘wrong’ decision?

Listen to this Podcast episode where Paula Hannasch is interviewed by Maria Tomas-Keegan, the Host of Tips for the Transition, the Career Roadmap. Together they share their expertise about how to make confident decisions and have peace of mind.

CLICK the link to watch the video and tune in.

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